Container flat finished

It’s been a while since the last update, I’ve been modelling just not posting. One of the projects that I have completed is the train-set quality Lima container flat. Here it is in the yard at Industrivej with a very appropriate load, a pair of 20 foot Maersk Line containers

In the end I completed it as a DSB Lgjns using homemade decals for the reporting marks and some left over Skilteskoven dimensioan data.


DBAG Eaos scrap wagons

I like to add variety to the wagon fleet on Industrivej like these German (DBAG) Eaos 106 wagons. The models are old Jouef reworked with new end detail matching the rebuilt German versions (the French built ones Jouef based the model on were different). Buffers by AMF87, ferry tie-downs by 51L/Wizard models and 10.5mm wheels by Gibson. I made end details using Evergreen sections.


The workbench shot gives a better idea of the changes, though I don’t have any pictures of how I made the dents. I used thick gel type superglue to form them. Once it had set solid I sanded off any rough spots and primed the wagons using rattle can primer

Link to the German wagon site Dybas

MZ completed

After I’d bent up the handrails and soldered the uprights to the top curved handrails I blackened them in situ with Carr’s Gun Blue, I would recommend doing it off the models as the gun blue took the plating off the headlight surrounds! As it turned out that was easily rectified with Vallejo Silver.

I removed the lower handrails to allow me to removed the DSB logo and numbers. The logo had to come off because the MZ that I had chosen to model had the logo placed noticeably lower than Roco’s prototype. Detail Associates eye bolts in .31mm holes completed the detailing.

I touched in the modified parts with Vallejo flat black, I used slip of writing paper behind the handrails to ensure no black paint got onto the red factory finish. After masking the windows I sprayed the shell with Tamiya satin varnish

I weathered 1404 using Revell Matt Leather, Matt Black, Charcoal and Humbrol Gunmetal Metalcote mixed into a variety of warm greys airbrushed in heavily thinned coats. The picture of 1404 that I worked from showed an engine that had recently been washed and serviced, a noticeable feature was the clean stripe along the top of the battery boxes which I masked loosely with Tamiya tape.

Finishing touches were to scrub Industrial Dirt weathering powders into the shunters platforms at each end and ru an 8B pencil along the edges of the steps and buffers to give a metallic sheen.

I didn’t take a “before” picture but a shot of 1404 next to unmodified 1420 shows the difference.

MZ details

Roco’s MZ is a fine model but I always thought the add on plastic front handrails were a bit chunky. I’ve filled the holes with 0.5mm Evergreen rod and added new hand rails from .31mm nickel-silver wire.

Next steps are wire eyebolt lift rings on the roof and a change of identity to 1404.

Nottingham Exhibition

Is one of the things that keeps me busy during the first part of the year, I’m a member of the Nottingham Model Railway Society, an active group that meets in the Mapperley area of the city, and I edit the exhibition guide among other jobs.

This year we had “Getting Started” feature of hand-on demos and layouts aimed at new modellers and those returning to the hobby after a break. Graham our Exhibition Manager had invited Industrivej as part of the feature as it’s a modern-home friendly sort of size and being operated from the front I can’t hide from anyone that wants to talk!

I was next to Andy Gautrey’s excellent Selah, set in Yakima WA, it’s a micro that really shows what you can do with a layout that would fit in an Ikea cupboard.

Nottingham 2018 (1)

Anyone familiar with British exhibitions will know that a certain “madness” sets in late Sunday afternoon and this was no exception with Danish and British locos appearing on Selah.


Nottingham 2018 (3)

Nottingham 2018 (6)

and Andy’s excellent interurban locos┬áturning up on a Danish industrial park.

Nottingham 2018 (2)


Nottingham 2018 (4)

One of the highlights for me was “Forge Mills Sidings” which was inspired by location in the village where I grew up. The animal feed mill which lends its name to both the layout and real location is superbly modelled by Michael Prince; even down to the (prototypical) broken gutter in the second picture.


Nottingham 2018 (5)Nottingham 2018 (4)